Point the front wheel forward

Wheel forward


I never want my blog to be political.

At least not overly so. I would try to keep my politics to issues of two wheels.

So this is hopefully my first and last, political blog piece.

I spent the weekend trying to bury myself under a rock. And when that rock didn’t bury me deep enough, I tried to find another. And another. And another. It seems that there simply aren’t enough rocks to cover me completely, so I’m gazing reluctantly at a new sky, one that is cloudy and turbulent and currently, dark.

As much as I’d like to cling to sinking wreckage, there is no going back. We’re not part of political Europe anymore and we have to get on with it. I’m deeply saddened, but that helps utterly no-one, not me, not my friends and colleagues and least of all my family. So. Here’s what I’m going to do.

Point my front wheel forward and let the back wheel follow.

The referendum exposed gaping wounds in society. At every turn, I’m going to do my tiny little bit to heal them. A smile perhaps, to someone who needs one. Support, when some is lacking.

When the sky is dark, a chink of light is most welcome.  I’m not going to fixate on what we’ve lost. The best weapons at my disposal are bikes and cameras and keyboards.  More people on bikes the target. Copenhagen will shortly be a foreign destination, but I want to see every city in Britain, take on its urban characteristics. Highlight the gorgeous and espouse the sensible.

Community. Community. Community. Ours are battered and tattered. I’m going to put my energies into community endeavours with fervour and optimism. ‘Be the change you want to see’ is a cliché and a truth.

So that’s it. It’s been political. It’s been cathartic. I’m done. Business as – almost – usual from here on in.

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  1. You have more optimism than me and I like your approach. My 17 year old daughter however is still incandescent with rage at being betrayed by her selfish, self-centered elders. Perhaps your blog is the inspiration I need to finally get her out on a bike?

    Good luck out there.

    • Thank you. Believe me, I do entirely understand her rage. I was so upset over the weekend that whilst sat on the sofa, my 9 year old daughter walked up to me and rubbed my head. “Your sad about Europe, aren’t you Daddy?”, “Yes” I replied. “Daddy, I’m sorry” she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Now we can mire ourselves in pessimism or we can try and positively influence the new future that we face. I’m plumping for the latter.

  2. Incredibly well put. Change starts within(another cliche but it fits). Community is the start.

    No peace in the world without peace in the nations
    No peace in the nations without peace in the town
    No peace in the town without peace in the home
    No peace in the home without peace in the heart

    Tao Te Ching

  3. Still haven’t updated my blog since Thursday. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control my feelings as well as you if I start writing… On the plus side, the French Alps are helping calm me down a bit (if only by kicking my backside!), so maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to focus on the trip rather than the craziness at home. Maybe…

  4. I agree with everything you and your commenters say. The deed is now done and we can’t go backwards so forwards we should go and if we want a positive outcome we have to put positive spirit in.

    • Well said and thanks for posting a supportive comment. The sun is shining this morning – in Cardiff at least – the bikes are being readied; best wheel forward (in my experience, usually the front one).

  5. Absolutely Simon – I woke up that fateful morning feeling as though a black cloud had descended. Went surfing – in silence, my surfsistas feeling the same incomprehension bordering on rage. I noticed over the next few days that I was starting to look at people with suspicion, noticing differences, losing some of my characteristic open friendliness. Of course this doesn’t help – and your post was a timely reminder to wake up to the future with as much compassion and equanimity as I can muster.

    • I recognise both the sentiments and the actions. I’ve had to check my behaviour, stop myself from speculating how people voted. They were duped of course and as such, victims like the rest of us. Onwards and upwards though. Let’s make the best of a bad job.

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