The fun doesn’t stop when the ride ends.

No siree.

The fun rolls on and  on. Sandra – a close friend of ours – spotted these little cyclists in a charity shop and picked them up for my daughter. Evelyn saw them and her eyes lit up like fireworks. Pretty soon there were little pelotons appearing everywhere; the bunch sprinting away on the kitchen counter. A heart shaped chain. A lone rider making a break for it and even this scene of race day carnage (she assures me they just fell over, while I’m blaming wet cobbles). 

I stumbled into the front room earlier and disturbed a game of ‘Madison races for brothers and sisters’. I think it’s fair to say that this chap – riding on top of my copy of Blues magazine and raising his hand in frustration – was not happy with his sibling.

Kids and their imaginations. The fun continues beyond the saddle. 

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