A sign of the times

Road sign 2-0340


Warning – this revised post contains statements of a depressing nature. On the plus side no animals were hurt during the making of it.

I love this sign. Or at least I did. Temporarily It warmed me. It appeared to be placed in the most incongruous of spots; a quiet country lane in the North Yorkshire Dales and giving access to a cycle lane. But sadly it’s not. Steve availed me of this misconception. It’s actually a ‘no cycling’ sign. I’m more used to seeing the type with the big slash running through the centre or the words spelt out in a massive font (NO CYCLING!!!). The colour is the give away of course, the big red trim marking the dinstinction between ‘cycle here, you’re having a laugh!’ And ‘welcome to the civilised world’. Hey-ho. If nothing else, the sign has reminded me to brush up on road sign distinctions. A sign of the times? With a steady momentum toward two wheel friendly city – and village – spaces, I think not. A great shame and a missed opportunity; it’s on a stretch adjacent to a school.