Cyclestuff started as a company blog , but became a celebration of cycling in the widest possible sense; mostly about bikes, but always about people. The blog is used to highlight, discuss and inform, featuring items of interest, imagery, videos, short stories and comment from the wide and varied world of cycling. This often includes nice bits of cycle art and the odd bit of photography, popping up pictures that are hopefully worth sharing (and even if it’s bad, it’ll illustrate a point). Pictures from other sources are credited, the remainder are taken by me. If there’s anything you wish to discuss, debate or comment upon, please feel free to do so; discussing cycle culture is an inherently healthy thing.

Enjoy your cycling (and photography!)

Simon, May 2013


CycleStuff is written and edited by Simon Nurse with IT support from Paul Smout. Both are  employees of Odoni-Elwell, a manufacturer of cycle storage solutions in the UK. Simon is a member of  spring classics and cyclo-cross obsessives, ‘Here come the Belgians’, racing for Cardiff JIF cycling club during the autumn and winter months in the Welsh Cyclo-cross league. He gave up his company car to cycle commute eons ago, writes about cycling and has been published in Boneshaker magazine and the Ride Journal. Paul is an IT specialist and avid gamer with a keen eye for good design and systems thinking.