So little time..

…I doubt I’ve ever been more media active, though these pages have seen little action. Riding, racing, coaching, advocating and administrating leaves little in the tank for further keyboard adventures. But as far as I’m concerned there are a few givens I would have produced previously and that need reiterating here.

Cycling is the only sport that is also a hobby, that is also a lifestyle, that is also a piece of expedition equipment and is also the finest form of sustainable travel out there.

Riding over hills and along valley bottoms, through woodland and pasture, along coastline and quiet country lanes, settles the mind and soothes the soul.

Racing raises the heart-rate, brings a sense of achievement, creates a tight community and provides a focus at certain times of the year. I recommend it unreservedly.

Contributing to any of the above is our opportunity to embrace and improve our cycling landscape for the enjoyment of everyone.

There….that’s summarised about 5 months of blog posts in 4 easy mantras 😊. Here’s some imagery from the past few months of blog abstentions. Enjoy your cycling. Always.

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