One cause, many people

Velothon - cropped

This weekend Singleminded rides again, our distinctive jerseys flowing over the hills and moors, along the coast and through the villages. There are 22 riders toeing the start line of the Velothon, up from 7 in 2016. But first, I need to explain what, why, who and how.

singleminded mustard

What?………..Singleminded is an initiative that I set up to raise money for rotating cancer charities. In 2016 it was Velindre hospital, Cancer Resaeach Wales and the Royal Marsden. This year it is Velindre, Target Ovarian Cancer and The Kirkwood Hospice. Our slogan is ‘One cause, Many people’ and our logo was designed by the talented Andrew Purnell. The distinctive jersey was co-designed via Martyn of the excellent Veloist.CC Proceeds from the sales go to the charities. Singleminded riders are then free to raise their funds whenever they want without meeting minimum demands for sponsorship. It’s a charity club, as it were.

Why?……..I set up Singleminded because I lost my mother to Oesophageal  cancer and shortly after, my 32 year old cousin Emily. None of us are ever far from the effects of this disease. I’m determined to help take the fight to it.

Who?…….The people who ride in a Singleminded jersey are friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. The thing in common is that we all love riding and care about and for, people.

How?…….The current ripple of excitement centre centres around the Velothon, a 140km closed roads sportive that takes in some wonderful bits of South Wales and finishes in the centre of my home city, Cardiff. Around 8 of our riders will be on singlespeed bikes to make it that wee bit harder. Two will be on a tandem. We would love (love, LOVE) you to sponsor us. The three links to our three supported charities are below. Pick any of the cancer charities that best suit your affinities. Thank you for reading. I thoroughly appreciate it.


With huge thanks to ongoing jersey sponsors Yogi Communications.

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  1. Great cause, Simon. Checked the start list, and it looks like me and some slightly tubby mates will be in the same start pen as you in Cardiff on Sunday – I’ll keep an eye out 😉

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