Mind is the ride – talk by Jet McDonald

Mind is the Ride_Outlined

Very pleased to announce that Jet Mcdonald (cyclist, performer and regular Boneshaker contributor) will be talking about his new book at an event I’ve organised at Future Inns (Cardiff) and co-sponsored by cycle storage company Odoni-Elwell.  Jet’s book documents the journey he went on – both physically and metaphysically – while cycling from Bristol to India. In Jet’s words:

“I cycled four thousand miles from Bristol to India but I didn’t want to write another travel book. I didn’t just want to write about the experience of cycling, but about the experience that went on in my head. How I travelled imaginatively, not just on two wheels.

The book is far more than the story of a bicycle trip from Bristol in the UK to the southern tip of India, it is also a journey from Western to Eastern philosophy and how this informs the everyday experience of riding a bike. It is the pedal powered antidote to the petrol driven philosophies of the past. The age of the “travelogue” is over. We have travelled to the furthest limits of the world and hit the buffers. “Travel” and “Culture” are cast aside like supplements in the Sunday papers. We need to travel inwardly to see the world afresh. Mind is the Ride is that journey, on a bicycle”.

I will be opening the evening with a few thank you’s, followed by a brief presentation from Drew Mabey of Cardiff Cycle City. The evening will culminate with Jet’s talk and a  Q&A; ask him about sailing on container ships, how to deal with mechanical issues in the desert and the kindness of strangers.

Thursday the 20th July. 18.30  – 20.00 approx, Future Inns Cardiff. Free to enter, though advance booking is advised. Refreshments provided and light meals/beers available in the bar. Please tweet to @cyclestuffblog for more details.

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