Time and tide

A whirlwind. That’s what it’s been.

A whirlwind of cycling, coaching, organising and hopefully contributing.

I organised two criterium races for the club at Llandow motor racing circuit. Future Inns generously sponsored the prizes and the racing was fast and furious.

Jerseys arrived from Veloist as Singleminded gears up to ride again (hills and singlespeeds at Velothon Wales, July 9th).

As the night’s are longer and the sound of moorland birds chirps in every corner, we’ve returned to our favourite mountain for regular sessions on Cardiff’s rooftop. We relish it’s return.

We took the JIF kids and their parents to Pembrey. They swooped, sped and slipped through the dunes and the pines. A little bit of California, just west of Llanelli.

The Flanrou was superb. Somerset’s farm track fest, full of ruts, long grass and Roubaix style debris. All  cycle events should be like this; enjoyable and friendly, interesting and different.

Welsh Cycling have asked me to chair their Off-road racing commission. Flattered, honoured and keen to contribute, I agreed. If you take from your sport, you should give back. We’re now busy working out the details of who, what, where and when.

This weekend I’m packing my saddle bags for Eroica. Archie’s Carlton Corsa returns to the roads on a change of tyres and with a new rider at the helm. I hope to do the bike justice.


The following weekend I’m joining some of the Boneshaker crew on a special ride, but more of that later. Gotta dash. Time and tide wait for no man.

Eroica Poster via Eroica Britannia website

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