The face

So…..I was flicking through my media gallery and thinking back on an excellent week in the South West, when I stumbled across this photograph. A picture paints a 1000 words and all that.

This picture holds the face that says “!”.

The face that says “Absolutely don’t listen to your husband”.

The face that says “YOU are in a barrel load of hot water when you get home sunshine”.

This is the moment when I recognised that  trotting up a hill with a bike on your shoulder is not quite as normal or as enjoyable as I pretend it is.

Oops. 🙂

Cape Cornwall. Gorgeous views, Glorious place to visit, but you definitely, definitely are not allowed to ride your bike up it*. So we did the next best thing instead.

*Old Foundry road leads from St Just to the Cape Cornwall headland, which forms part of the South West Coast path. You can’t ride on it, but you can walk up it; with or without a bike on your shoulder.

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