Roads eh?


Roads eh? Roads. Traffic choked, slow moving, nightmares. Like a dammed river, or a rockfall. Immovable, immobile, stationary. Oh I wish I could roll care free down this track. I wish I could glide into the distance and swoop and soar like a swallow on the breeze. I wish I was anywhere but here. On this road. In these conditions. Before these green hills.

#Irony #LoveTheCountry

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  1. Beautiful pictures….but there is something to be said for riding on main, scary roads. Also, in a rain, I might need a cross bike to navigate these ones.

    • They’re not so bad actually. The occasional pothole or cattle grid, but nothing the road bike can’t cope with. I too, enjoy a ride on the main road – and this particular ride involves a bit of that in the process of getting to the quiet stuff – but when you get free of the noise and distractions, the difference is liberating. I think that’s what I like about this the best; the contrast between noise and fumes, versus solitude and fresh air.

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