Once more onto the Beach.


Once again, we’re back. Back among friends, among trees, among the Pembrey dunes. Feeling fresh, alive and sand blasted. It’s Battle on the Beach.

It’s moving up my list. There’s a lot of competition. The Three Peaks Cyclo-cross. The Welsh Cyclo-cross league. The Paris-Roubaix sportive. The new kid on the block, The Flanrou. Battle on the Beach is starting to holding a rather special place. An undeniable must-do with the potential to be the pick of the bunch.

Sunday was particularly enjoyable. The sun drenched the dunes. The wind pushed us along the beach. Cyclo-cross rivals teased each other with banter and competitive lines. My wife made her BOTB debut.

The race is relatively short. 1 Hour 44 in my case. I could, perhaps, have been a smidgeon quicker. “Take the right tool for the job” I’m lectured. Should have brought the Orbea now that I have a light, fatter tyred full susser at my disposal. A lesson learned for next year.

Matt Page has created a wonderful event and a gorgeous experience. Somehow the laid bike feel of a surf event meshes with the stark competition of a crit or cross. People smile. People grunt. Everyone enjoys.

Battle on the Beach will return in March 2018. See Acycling for details. Images by Anthony Pease.


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