Taco’d wheel

The Taco.

Or rather the Taco’d wheel.

It is a disgrace, a horror an aberration, an assault. It’s one of my least favourite sights in a city centre.

By turns it is pointless and nasty, wilful and destructive. The unlucky sod that returns to this bike will find their machine all but useless and now carrying a hefty price tag for repairs.

There is little you can do to ameliorate the risks of this maltreatment, other than park your bike in a busy well lit area, preferably under the gaze of CCTV or specialist anti-cycle crime police units escorting über keen trained rottweilers.  Good luck.


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  1. This is why you keep the expensive bike at home when you ride in the city! I only own one bike that I’d take into a city, and even that is nice enough to have a target on it!

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