Cycle art: Look after your jam tart

Jam tart

‘Look after your jam tart and ride your Dick Van Dyke’*. It’s not a bad mantra is it? After all, the bicycle is the prima facie way to healthy commuting.  Ross Crawford, an entrant in the London Design Museum’s 2012 competition submitted this design in response to the brief: draw the links between cycling in the capital, environment issues, health and fun. While Ross didn’t win, I think the simplicity of the design nails it; linking traditional aspects of London underground poster art with the topic at hand.  The designs have long since been taken off display, but the pick of the crop can still be seen in this Guardian archive article. 

As for commuting on a Penny Farthing? Well….you certainly can’t beat the visibility.

Penny farthing

*If you’re unfamiliar with Cockney Rhyming slag, ‘Jam Tart’ is heart and ‘Dick Van Dyke’ is bike. 

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