The tell tale sign that you’re a cyclist

A slight scratch of the nose and it’s there. Lingering.

A bite of a sandwich. The smell of granary bread, cheese and pickle and a faint whiff of the other.

Dad, what’s that smell?”. “Dad are we going cycling today?”. “Dad, have you washed your hands?”. Questions, questions, questions – all precipitated and informed by the familiar smell  of GT85.

While I’m a cyclist, I will never be able to evade a sniffer dog, avoid a hungry bear (unless it has an aversion to PTFE based lubricants) or become a sous chef in a top notch restaurant. Not while I’m endlessly cleaning, lubing and maintaining my bikes.

Are your digits coated in ‘cologne du maintenance’? Then it’s a sure fire sign that you’re a cyclist too. If you find the perfect handwash do let me know.

Pop art by me (taught Warhol everything he knows 🙂 )

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  1. My kids hate the smell, esp when bike is in the back of the van on the pm school run after a wash/clean with a generous coating of said PTFE based lube. Swarfega orange is my post clean handwash of choice-scored it real cheap from Aldi

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