Season’s end

Another Welsh cyclo-cross season draws to a close. I always find it a mixed blessing. By this point I could thoroughly do with the rest, but within a few days of it finishing, I miss it terribly.

This year has been a very rounded experience. I enjoyed my involvment as part of the JIF organisation for the first race (even the 11th hour query solving two minutes before the start of my own race). The three peaks came and went  (my 10th time over those monsters), became a CX commissaire (4 fixtures including the Welsh Champs) and raced at a further 5 league meets. Separately, we coached the kids and I was proud to watch both my wife and daughter race throughout. Evelyn was the most succesful, with two wins and six 2nd place finishes, giving her silver in both the league and the champs. While we enjoyed her results, it was in no measure the best part of her involvement; watching her enjoy herself week on week with children from all over Wales – playing in the outdoors for hours on end – was the real achievement. Kids get so little opportunity to have fun in this way, that all opportunities should be embraced.

In the New Year I’ll slake my thirst for Cross in the remaining fixtures of the Western league and seek out the much loved summer league. But it’s September in Wales that I’ll be longing for.

With thanks to my JIF team-mates for making the  season so enjoyable. Thanks also to Welsh Cycling for the source image at top of post (Alongside fellow JIF coach Laura Williams, we’re enjoying the slog to the top!) 

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