The 10th Three Peaks


Done. Over. Complete. The three peaks cyclo-cross. Off-roaders often refer to the 3 peaks in hushed tones, an event you must ‘try at least once’. Well I disagree wholeheartedly. I think its a race that you have to try over and over again.  After crashing badly last May there was part of me that wondered whether I’d ever do this race again, so to get around it for a 10th time felt like a considerable milestone.  I can’t say it was comfortable (it wasn’t), but it was brilliant, compelling, beautiful and brutal. I’m already thinking about next 2017. Huge thanks to Mark and the team for putting on such a rewarding and testing event. It is utterly unique.

Image via Sports Sunday. This is me, clambering up Whernside, sharing a joke with the photographer and hurting like a hurty thing (don’t break your right shoulder and arm folks).

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  1. Simon

    Jif kit looks great but SingleMinded jersey would’ve been more appropriate given your accident and how much that must’ve been hurting.

    I am in awe…. really!

    • Very kind Martyn. I’d be fibbing if I said it felt comfortable – all the jarring made it testing, but the event is so rewarding it’s worth all the grief. Looking forward to going back with another year of strengthening under my belt.

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