Cycle art and autumn


What a beautiful piece of cycle art. It is by Jennifer Parks and was produced for Artcrank. It made me think about autumn and how I feel about it. As a cyclist, it’s my favourite time of year. The cross season starts as leaves tumble down. But it’s more than that, a feeling that’s difficult to describe. If I where able to illustrate like Jennifer (I can’t) I’d try and convey a sense of this:

Morning mist. Shafts of sunlight piercing chill air. The promise of a warmer day later perhaps, just over the horizon. Moisture on spider webs. A billion droplets hanging from silken networks. The ticking of my freewheel and the sound of my breath mesmerising, as I ride a carpet of leaves that extends and extends and extends far into the distance. Follow the yellow brown road. Few people around. A dog walker. the quiet contemplation of a morning runner. A nod of acknowledgement to another rider. I won’t see many today. Not at this time. Before the day warms and banishes arm warmers, knee warmers and the ephemera of the hour. These are zen mornings when you just wish to be, almost alone as the sun lazily prescribes its arc. just you and a handful of others, all sharing the transition from summer to winter.

Anyway…..I can’t draw, I can’t illustrate and I definitely can’t paint. But I hope you get the picture.

Jennifer’s wonderful work can be found here  and purchased via Etsy

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