Cross is back…

…with a vengeance. What a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable day. For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been tweeting religiously via the Cardiff JIF Twitter account, publicising  and banging the drum. A week ago we were hacking and slashing at undergrowth, forging new paths. Saturday we were training the kids on there, while my club mates erected the remainder of the course around us. Sunday morning we arrived at 8 and embarked on a day of marshalling, commissaire liaison, overseeing the kids races, prize giving, racing (no warm-up, just lineup and go), course removal and padlocking the gates; around 8 hours in total.

Today I am SHATTERED. 😊.

Worth every second though. Many thanks to all the riders, supporters and club members that made it such a successful day. With blazing sunshine, a great course, turnout and wonderful conditions, we couldn’t have asked for a finer start. Here’s to a great season of racing.

Top image: the youth race gets underway at Round 1 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league at Llanishen high in Cardiff.

Bottom image: I’m in oxygen debt and looking forward to going back to helping.

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