Fans of the Flanrou


When the benign is not benign. That’s how I would couch it. The Flanrou; a Somerset on/off road sportive  that mixes largely quiet roads with tumbleweed tranquil lanes, offset by gnarly farm tracks and rutted access paths that turn shallows into deeps. 8 Cardiff JIF members made the journey over the Severn bridge. All 8 had smiles a mile wide and would come back for more.

Muck? Ruts? Why so enjoyable? I hear you ask. Because:

A road with a car on it is an inconvenience. A road with a bunch of bikes on it is a thing of beauty.

Farm tracks covered in muck, provide more than their fair share of brass.

Chasing a team mate up a climb is like playing tag when you were a kid.

Bouncing over broken land partially out of control puts you wholly in the moment.

Loose gravel climbs are evil and great, all at the same time.

It’s a perfect early warmup for a forthcoming CX season.

Smothered in a layer of grime, sweat and sun cream is the best possible look at the excellent Sweets café (especially at the end of the Flanrou).

Stick in your diary for July 2017: The Flanrou. Chapeau to the team.

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