Roubaix – an odd respite

Carl Sagan

Boy I’m busy. The Singleminded fundraising has taken on a life of its own and details can be found here. Club life, coaching and JIF social media has sucked up spare moments ( – it’s my elbow on the banner image). I’ve been out battering myself on the singlespeed in preparation for Paris-Roubaix and the Velothon. While on the work side of things, we’ve been terribly busy designing, building and installing a set of large cycle  storage hubs for a corporate client. Frankly, it’s all go.

JIF peloton

But this weekend, it’ll be time to relax. Sort of. The 106 miles of the Paris-Roubaix sportive await, with its 35 miles of bone jarring cobbles. I can’t say, I’m not nervous, I AM; two years ago I would up in a French hospital having minor surgery on a gashed knee and I’m still feeling the after effects of last year’s major off. Never mind. It’ll definitely get my mind off the washing up.  There’s no denying that this trip is worth it though. Brief immersion in lowland heritage, soaks you in cycle culture. Everywhere you go people know the score. Flags are draped from windows. Fans in replica kit speed past. The day itself is like no other, a constant sense of ‘it’s coming! it’s coming, it’s coming’, wherever you are on the course. I love it.

While I’m away, I’m going to try and send some imagery, both of the sportive and the race itself. If you’re interested, also try twitter – I enjoy the immediacy. If you don’t have any plans on Sunday, can I suggest pulling up a pew and watching the race from start to end? To my mind, its the ultimate day race. An athletic feat, a reliable fixture and an undeniable monument.

Top image: Peter Sagan this year’s in-form rider, taken at last years race .

Bottom image: Our JIF peloton. Taken in 2014 by Jules. I still love that shot.


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