Battle on the Beach 2016

Ouch. That hurt.


Fantastic however. I’d do it all again tomorrow.

Over the last 3 years, Battle on the Beach (BOTB) has established itself as a must-do event, the only beach race in Blighty and the best thing in March. Around 800 riders enter and wing their way along the beach before heading off into the singletrack, the dunes and the woods. It really is a blast.

Whilst I didn’t ride terribly well – still feeling the legacy of that shoulder/arm injury and simply not being quick enough off the start line – I loved every sandy, achy moment of it. Matt Page – the organiser – puts heart and soul into this. He’s a keen competitor himself, he understands what makes for a great event and articulates it in the best possible manner; delivering.

To get a sense of this race, here is the excellent post race video. Top image: Me. Suffering (image purchased via Andy Pease photography). Well done to all competitors and in particular team JIF (lots of us toed the line). See you again next year.

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