Singleminded site live

I’ve been a busy lad. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to provide a sense, an image and a set of links. I hope you can find a minute or two to explore them.

Single_Minded_Idea1-02Singleminded. One cause. Many people. Fundraising for three cancer charities, by people who all have been personally effected. All cyclists, most of whom will be riding single speeds to make that task just a wee bit trickier.

Our first event will be the Velothon. 140 hilly km. Time to pack the pain killers. We’ll be recognisable, courtesy of our new jersey (currently taking orders, High quality Italian race jerseys, £39.95).

Singleminded Jersey

Some links to explore….

Rider profiles (hover over option and pick a rider): 

All about Singleminded at the Velothon:

The story behind Singleminded:

Thanks for reading. Donation pages are on the singleminded site. I hope you can lend us a little support. 🙂

With thanks to Veloist CC and Yogi Comms.


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