When is a secure stand not a secure stand?

bikestand 2

….When it’s been compromised by evil, cunning, g*ts.

This BBC news article hightlights the theft of a bike from a sabotaged bike stand. The theft took place in Camberwell, London, leaving a distressed lady cyclist without her pride and joy.

I’ve only once seen a sabotaged Sheffield stand. It stood, rather forlornly outside the Flora pub in Cathays. The top section had been cut away leaving a gap around an inch across (the stand had been pulled apart to expose the gap). I presume a bike had been stolen. It takes serious kit, time and balls to cut through steel in public view. Thankfully these instances are the exception, not the rule.

Do take care when locking your bike and never, ever trust a suspiciously painted or apparently repaired, bike stand.

With thanks to iLovesTheDiff for spotting the article.

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