Velothon ruined ‘My entire life’

Let the complaints flood in. Once again, people are having the audacity to have fun, do their health a wee bit of good and pump money into the Welsh economy. I mean, it’s not like the Welsh economy needs more money or visitors, is it? The country is standing up solidly on its own two feet, knee deep in manufacturing organisations and positively sinking under the weight of all the coal and steel we produce.

Or maybe that was last year. I don’t know. I have a very short memory.

My rubbish memory not withstanding, I do think we ought to use every weapon in our arsenal to get people into Wales to exploit the one thing we have in abundance: Countryside. And sports. So two things then. Three, if you count welsh cakes, which I do. Often.

Welsh cakes

Welsh cakes (4, by my reckoning)

Anyway, after the usual tabloid nonsense flared up in Wales Online – “Many people were unhappy at being trapped in their homes by road closures” – I though it incumbent on me to access the Tardis  – after all, this is Cardiff, the relatively new home of Dr Who – and find out what the headlines will be the day after the event. It made for sorry reading.

Velothon spoof


Never let anyone tell you that an event that brings out 18,000 to do sport and spend money in our beautiful country is anything other than a bloody good thing (at least if you have an interest in the Welsh economy). With thanks to the wonderful for the online Newspaper generator.

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