How to spend that hour


I have an hour. A whole hour.

An hour of reading? Perhaps. Broaden the mind. Grab a sandwich. A coffee.

An hour of nose to the grindstone. Another? A working lunch. Crumbs on the keyboard, food on the go. But the day is too nice for any of that. 1 in 1,000,0000. (Perhaps 1 in 2,000,000 given the topography around here).

An hour of riding? 





A question resolved. The environment answered for me. It’s hard to believe that I ever debated alternatives. 

The only meal we often neglect, is the one that feeds the mind, body and spirit. At least I know where to find it.

Top image: only 10 mins ride from the factory, this is the view from Sirhowy trail. 100 years ago, this area was scarred and blackened by the coal industry. Now, it’s a haven for wildlife, walkers, runners and cyclists.


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  1. I can believe you had a little bit of a struggle, it makes sense actually. We have to give up a little fight before we give up! Glad you made the right choice after all of that.

    • Cheers Jim. When look at a whopping pile of work, then gazing out of the window and seeing glittering sunlight, it’s a real dilemma. No regrets though. One fabulous hour.

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