It’s started in earnest. Courtesy of some sterling art work by Andrew Parnell (for which I will eternally be grateful), the ‘Single-minded’ initiative is getting off the ground.

Single minded black

The background.

In September 2014 I lost my mother to a brief and painful battle with cancer. I received a phone call whilst mountain biking in Morzine. After complaining of stomach pains for several months, my mother was diagnosed as having terminal oesophageal cancer. Less than a month later she passed away. Last August a friend of ours died after a stunningly short illness. The culprit? Lung cancer. In October my cousin Emily lost a long and difficult battle with an aggressive cancer which attacked her heart and ultimately spread everywhere. She was only 32 years old and the bravest person I’ve met. Currently both a close family friend and a professional colleague are both undergoing treatment.

In short too many people that I’ve known or loved, have fallen victim to this dreadful disease.


One Cause, many people.

Single_Minded_Idea1-01 (1)


At some point we’ve all been affected with cancer either directly or indirectly.  I think its fair to say we’d like to say good riddance to it.

The endeavour.

Single_Minded_Idea1-02So on May 22nd along with several like-minded friends, I’ll be riding the Velothon on a single speed; 140km of lumps, bumps and 2 major humps (The infamous ‘Tumble’ and the Col Du Caerphilly). We will be selling Single minded jerseys (watch this space for the final jersey design) and raising money.


There will be three charities supported; Cancer research Wales, Velindre Cancer Centre and the Royal Marsden cancer charity.


The plea.

fixiering 2

Single_Minded_Idea1-03If you can’t join us for the ride, I hope you can join us for the ride. It is likely to be the first of many. In fact. I’m eyeing up a cobbled classic – on a single speed –  as I type. I’m hoping that this can turn into something a little bigger; harnessing our legs regularly to pedal for loved ones always. So if you fancy a gorgeous cycling jeresey or dontating or joining us or all three, please post here. Many thanks to all who have pledged support already.

The ‘Single minded’ website will be live shortly. 


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  1. Hi saw your post on my Twitter feed- having lost my fiancé to cancer I wanted to make a pledge of £20 towards your fundraising.

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