Is water our friend or enemy?


Watching the rain bounce on the kitchen skylights, Evelyn screwed up her face in contemplation.

Dad? Is water our friend or our enemy?

Umm. Err. Good question. A rip snorter of a question as it happens, with the news media still revelling in the aftermath of dreadful flooding in the North of the country (where Evelyn’s grandad lives). I gave it some thought.

It’s both love.

This was less than a satisfying answer. Rightfully so, she screwed up her face. More was needed.

Rain waters us, helps us to raise crops and keep animals. But it can be destructive too when we have to much of it. 

This was much more satisfying. She nodded her head slowly.

Yes Dad. When it rains it spoils kids club, but we also need water bottles for when we’ve ridden lots.

The duplicity of life’s elixir communicated through cycling basics.

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  1. I cycle leisurely and also for work and I must admit to having a small grin when I pull back the curtain and see rain drops

    • Despite living in rain central – South Wales – there are definitely times when rain is undoubtedly lovely (particularly if followed by an almighty rainbow).

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