The myth 


 I thought it wasn’t true. The stuff of rumour and chitter-chatter and superstition and nonsense. The ‘I don’t feel like it tonight’ myth. The one where you don’t actually want to do any riding. Up until now, I would laugh in the face of such blather. “Horlicks!” I would bellow. “Claptrap!” I would insist. “As likely as a pint with the Loch Ness monster, while the Yeti sits on a stool in the corner, playing Nirvana songs on the harpsichord”  I would wager. Yet last night, I found it to be true.

Could it have been the ankle, sprained twice whilst running the fells? Could it have been the 5am start and the 11 hour working day? The lack of food perhaps, or a reduction in fluids? Whatever. It was there, real as anything. I didn’t want to ride and couldn’t muster the energy.

Sometimes, you just have to concede the point. Give in. Relax. Kick back. Pop a ready meal in the microwave. Flop in front of the TV. So I did what any rational adult would do. Weigh up the alternatives and come to a sensible balanced decision. Occasionally we have to accept that it is sensible not to do any riding and allow just a little recovery. A little me time. Last night, WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. 

So I went in the garage and battered myself on the turbo trainer instead.

That’ll teach me.

Sensible people do sensible things. I am knackered today. Do feel free to take a day off riding. It’s fine you know 🙂

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