Notes from the cloud line

Below is a picture of Cardiff, taken from the top of the Garth mountain, an ancient moorland capped with Celtic burial mounds, grazing cows and a brief, though enjoyable, rutted descent. Cardiff’s lights twinkle in the gloom of dusk, whilst the grey-blue waters of the Severn estuary gently rise and fall. The camera of my iphone struggles in the low light. This was the last time you could see my city like this, roughly 3 weeks ago.

Since then, a bank of cloud and rain, bolstered by the addition of yet more banks of cloud and rain –  all supplemented by a  further bank of cloud and rain currently on holiday from dousing South East Asia in similar monsoon conditions  – has descended on the city. It has led to somewhat ‘challenging’ cycling conditions.

The image above captures (?) a  missing city absorbed by a miasma of water molecules and cotton wool. It’s impact on 2 wheels has not gone unnoticed. There has been a slight reduction in cyclists. Sales of PTFE lube have gone up (WD40 is changing hands for over a tenner on the black market*). The rain cape is making a sparkling revival and on a personal note, I’ve detected a slight trepidation in my bones about long off-road rides. Slight. But there nonetheless. So there is only one thing for it. Best to knuckle down, concentrate on form, hide my face beneath the peak of my rain shielding cycle cap and dream of warmer climes (image below: employing the same tactic in the Three peaks).

*Actually this is a fib. Sorry.

Three peaks shuffle (1 of 1)

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