One cause, many people


 I’ve just entered next year’s Velothon. If I’m honest, I’m not that big on Sportives  – nothing against them, but with some exceptions, I’d mostly rather race, train or dawdle –  and certainly not riding it for me; I’ll be riding for my mum who passed away last year after a short and vicious battle with cancer, and I’m doing it for Emily, my younger cousin who sadly died in October aged 32 from the same disease. I’m also doing it for the other friends lost in recent years (there are several) and as importantly, in celebration of those who’ve been more fortunate in their battles.

To make the ride trickier, I’ll be doing it on a single speed, which will make the 140km route feel longer, make the hills feel a little hillier – Caerphilly mountain will be a proper sting in the tail – and everywhere else a solitary lesson in the efficacy of cadence. Charity pages will be set-up and if I can get my arse into gear, I’ll sort out a cycling jersey (SINGLE MINDEDone cause, many people). If anyone else would like to do the same and join me, you’d be very welcome; jersey orders get cheaper as they swell in number and cancer has affected most of us at some point (though I’m not suggesting riding your sportives on a single speed).

View from the top - Caerphilly mountain

View from the top – Caerphilly mountain

As training ramps up, I’ll post the occasional blog here to explain all about the pain of climbing big hills with only one gear option available and I’ll also update progress on the jersey. In fact…….if there are any graphic designer types out there who fancy sketching a logo out for a good cause…..I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

The 2016 Velothon Wales will take place on Sunday May 22nd.

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  1. Let me know when the jersey’s come out… I can’t ride the ride but I’ll wear one in support – assuming you’ll be adding some cost to the jersey to go to the charity, right?

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