Wrap up


Winter is set to arrive this weekend. Little need for galoshes. Every need for warming overshoes. The weather – I am reliably informed – will bring brief snow flurries and long biting breezes.

So if heading out on the roads, dig out arm warmers and cap, thermals and tights. Watch out for the skid hazard of leaves and frost topped bends. Forget aero positions and TT aggression; always look up and feather brakes early. But most of all……enjoy dry cold air and the frigid beauty of colour stripped trees amid bleak winter backdrops. A little bit of snow queen honey for our rain drenched souls.


…..and if you live in warmer climes……lucky you 🙂

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  1. I’m looking forward to a Sunday morning spin – crisp and cold infinitely preferable to mild and wet (and especially windy). The cyclists cafe’s in these parts (Lancashire) will be doing good business!

    • I envy you – I’ll be spinning inevitably muddy circles in the Welsh Cyclo-cross league (I’ll enjoy it, but definitely part of me will be longing for that long winter spin). Enjoy it!

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