Racing again

Above: THAT bike on THAT arm.

Once more back into the breach….

It felt rather good to be back on the horse this weekend. With the words of my consultant ring in my ears (“start racing slowly and only do courses with soft surfaces”), I raced at round 4 of the Welsh Cyclo-cross league at Dare Valley Park. Sticking to the first bit of advice was straight forward, the second less so; elements of the course involved some proper jolting for which I’m paying the price today despite opting for the heavier but more comfortable option of the mountain bike. No matter. Back in the distant mists of time – May/June actually – there was a very real chance I’d not be able to shoulder the bike and hurdle those fences again. Yesterday  was worth every painful second.

The icing on the cake was provided by this lot; little JIFFIES hard at graft, baking in the kitchen, while I got on with the serious business of cleaning bikes.

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