Where ‘bling’ falls short.


“You can keep that ‘bling’, it’s as much use as a marshmallow piling.”

That was the thought that danced across my mind when I spotted this scene earlier today. The simple elegance of the ultimate urban vehicle sits quietly in central London, while its uber expensive alternative slowly devalues in the middle distance, awaiting congested journeys and frustration. It takes all sorts, I guess.

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  1. I can’t take my full carbon Specialized Venge with me either… but I will take that over that granny bike any day of the week and a hundred times on Sunday. 😀

    • Ahh….the point is less about the relative flashiness and ‘worth’ of the objects – in this case car and bike – and more about the pointlessness of having a whopping big expensive motor in the centre of London. The fastest thing that travelled in that area at that time was cyclists and even pedestrians! So enjoy your carbon 😊.

  2. I think this everytime I wind through the cars waiting in traffic in the streets of Bogotá, it feels so damn good! Until a bus in front of me takes off and blows all its exhaust fumes in to my face 😦 But either way, couldn’t have put this particular feeling better myself! Saludos de Colombia!

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