Road trips

There is nothing like a cycling road trip.


Crack o’dawn call and loading bikes in the dark.

The irony of using a car to release the potential of your bike. The hours of preparation for 50mins, 1hr 30, 5 hours (more?) of fun.

Sharing the experience with friends or loved ones or both. Anticipation, trepidation, exasperation, exhilaration.

I’ve heard favourite CDs played for the first time on foreign roads and in far flung fields. Speakers resonating off wheels, bikes and tool boxes.

Swopped stories long and tall. Burnt energy through restlessness, even though the body is inert.

Clearly, obviously, conspicuously; the ride is the prize. But the journey provides bookends of experience. I’ve learnt more while travelling, than I ever will by staying still.



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  1. You have just started an early 90s soundtrack playing in my head as I remember Some fantastic mountain bike trips to Wales.

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