When I crashed recently, had emergency surgery, spent some time in hospital and many weeks in a sling,  I tired of the question ‘Aren’t you getting a bit old for chucking yourself down hills?’. It annoyed me beyond all reason. I’m 44. FORTY FOUR, not 104.  As far as I’m concerned you do things as well as you can for as long as you can, and I have my targets fully set on an active dotage way in the future. So for anyone my age, older (or indeed younger) who has to put up with that sort of ludicrous question from time to time, here is a quiet, brilliant, inspirational film about Mick Ives. I don’t need to add more.

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  1. Got to your post from the secondrate cyclist’s linking to it… I’m 45 and I get the same thing from time to time – usually from people who are younger than me, look older than me, and weigh 50 to 100 pounds more than me. Ah well, I fancy myself riding when I’m Mick’s age, and most of those people will be long gone. I welcome the question, because I can answer, with utter certainty, that age is just a number – whether it’s my age or how fast I can go. Sure I’ll slow down as I age, but not as much as someone who chooses to polish the couch leather with their butt… As long as I can still go, I’m good.

    • Glad to hear it and couldn’t agree more. I’ve had the great fortune to know – and run against – Martin Rees, another legend. Aged 61 (I think) Martin still runs around 33 mins for 10k and holds every veteran age group record from 40+. Try telling these guys they’re getting older and you’ll get short shrift.

      Keep up the sterling work.

      • Thank you, I shall do my best…

        I ride with the ’15 US National Age Group Sprint Triathlon Champion… He’s 65 and can utterly destroy me on a bike. I could tell him he’s getting old… If I could catch him.

  2. Great link. I remember Mick in the national vets cyclo-cross in the 1970s, then I had the pleasure of working with him at CTC. We used to joke that he must be putting something special in his tea.

  3. Just found your site from The Human Cyclist. This is a g.r.e.a.t. video, inspirational, thanks! I don’t race, but am 66, solo tourer, and a woman … and am absolutely always hearing things that put those three characteristics together…. Bah humbug on those (boring) comments!

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