So long and thanks for all the paths.


Gravel paths and fire roads in the Loire. Coastal views, lighthouses and country lanes in Brittany. France presents boundless opportunities for riding. Last year it was the vertiginous slopes of Morzine. The year prior it was the heat and winding river roads of the Dordogne. All rewarding, all marvellous. Arriving back in Blighty was a double edged sword; my first ride was a welcome ascent of my local hills – The Garth, Senghenydd moor, Tour of Britain favourite ‘The Col du Caerphilly – with the unwelcome return of leaden skies and super large water droplets (Only once were the skies leaden in France, and it amounted to nothing).

So with a heavy heart, French summer riding is popped back in its box until next year. I think my daughter’s body language says it all.


I’ll be on the cobbles in April and elsewhere in August. Top image: Cap de Frehel.

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