New favourite? Cycle art and tees by Bon Courage 

My new favourite t-shirt? I think so. A medium/heavy weight cotton tee from Bon Courage with a message that I feel is absolutely true, but all too easily forgotten in these ridiculously fast and noise polluted times (SeeNo bleeps and pings and flashing things’). My wardrobe rarely swells with new clobber and when it does, I hope – and expect – my new duds to last the pace (wash/ride/socialise/ride/wash ad infinitum). 

I’m pretty confident this tee is up to the job and destined to challenge my old fave: “Jellyfish are free”, purchased from a very flamboyant lady at Kings Cross market in Sydney, Australia in August 2000. It recently – and reluctantly – went to the big laundry bin in the sky…..anyway…..I digress.


“Jellyfish are free”

Bon Courage was recently set up by designer Beth Hiller, a fully paid up member of the cycling fraternity (Beth’s family have been running cycling training camps in France for more than 10 years).  The BC website contains a vibrant blend of cycle art and casual wear for comfy post ride relaxation. Best of luck to Beth and the Bon Courage team. Keep those great designs coming….

“Life is a beautiful ride” by Bon Courage retails for £26 and can be found here: Bon Courage

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