No bleeps and pings and flashing things


No mobile signal.

I’m going to savour those words for a moment.

No. Mobile. Signal.

Even for those longer in the tooth (like me), it feels odd. Initially at least.

The world has become an endless torrent of bleeps and pings and flashing things.

But noise pollution was replaced with bird song, water droplets, the wind dancing through trees, crackling camp fires and the sound of kids running, jumping, paddling, splashing, cycling.


Really liberating.

The way forward might be the way back. Rides without the bleeps, pings and flashing things. KOM segments in the mind alone. Destinations of mystery. Reliance on oneself. 

Do for your ears, what cycling does for your body.

Set. You. Free.

Not since surf weekends in the mid-90s do I remember not being accompanied by some form of reliance on the phone. They have their place of course. But that place doesn’t extend to the banks of the River Hay, Herefordshire; an unexpected blessing.

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  1. A poor mobile signal is almost as good. As is leaving a charger behind. I have experienced both, and the only downside with the latter is not being able to wave my phone at the Starbucks register sensor. In short, all hail the physical book and nature’s multitudinous attempts to distract me from it.

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