In praise of……kickstands

Never been a kickstand user myself. All the bikes I’ve owned have been made for bouncing over rocks, ploughing through mud or shifting up the road at pace. But currently the rather large and heavy city bike that I’m using has won me over. It’s bloody fantastic around town.

It answers some serious questions.

Big load? No matter. Chuck it on the rack. Security  a concern? Rest easy. With 3 gears, a mudguard and looks to match, it attracts little attention. Need comfort? Yes I do (I REALLY do). Well it’s a big bloody armchair. 

But the big revelation is the kickstand. 

I stop to park and flick it out. The bike stands stoically while I faff with my bag, lock and paraphernalia. I get home and kick out the stand. The bike stands in the garden like some sort of lifestyle statement (for an audience of one). I stop outside a shop and the bike stands up, laden pannier n’all. No falling on the deck. No sliding down walls. No need to support with my bad arm. Lovely. 

Sometimes it’s the simplest things eh?

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