Cardiff and the cycle boom itinerary

bike boom So with 24 hours to go, here is the itinerary for tomorrow evening’s ‘Cardiff and the Cycle boom’ event with Carlton Reid. Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to it. A LOT. Anway…..the order of proceedings will be:

Cardiff and the Bike Boom cycle symposium:​ 5.30pm ­ 8.00pm


‘The face of British cycling’ exhibition viewing: ​5.25pm ­ 5.45pm Discussion begins​: 5.45pm ­ 6pm Light refreshments provided throughout the evening in the Dunraven suite. Order of Speakers​: 1. Simon Nurse, General Manager, Odoni­Elwell ­(me).  introduction to the evening and speakers including guest speaker, Carlton Reid. 2. Paul Lago ­ ‘Bike to the Future project’  at Future Inns (in association with Odoni-Elwell and Cyclopaedia 3. Sybil Williams, Director, Pedal Power ­ discussing access for cyclists with disabilities across the city 4. Gwenda Owen, Cardiff Cycle City ­ discussing how Cardiff cycling groups have created the movement’ over the last year, engaging with Cardiff Council and other stakeholders to for the benefit of all.   5. Carlton Reid ­ placing cycling within a historical context and discussing ‘the bike boom’ and future possibilities. 6. Q&A

Naturally, we’ll be encouraging everyone to avail themselves of the facilities after (or ‘the bar’ in less posh speak). See you tomorrow!  Top image: Carlton’s latest project. Middle image: Simon Connellan’s portrait photography of Bradley Wiggins. Bottom image: Me looking uncomfortable in front of the camera (I prefer taking piccies) with Cardiff Triathlon elite sprint distance winner – and Cardiff JIF cyclist /British Duathlon champ / champ of lots of bloody things – young Tom Nesham. And by ‘young’ I mean ‘very young’. Despite being only 15 years old, he eclipsed the entire elite field. Makes you sick eh? 🙂

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