The face of British cycling


I think few would dispute that Bradley Wiggins has become ‘The face of British cycling’ since his historic 2012 tour victory. Sir Brad is just about everywhere. Want a moody hanging over the handlebars shot? Wiggo. Need a sinewy superman pelting around the boards? Wiggo. Need a Fred Perry clothes horse? Wiggo. A mod DJ to partner Paul Weller (below)? Wiggo. TdF winner? Hour record holder? Multi medal winning Olympian? The list goes on. There’s no doubt that his  mix of super athletic ability and edgy cultural icon makes him a photographers dream.

As part of the ‘Cardiff and the cycle boom’ evening, photographer Simon Connellan will be exhibiting some of his best images collected from his travels with or around Team Sky in recent years. Without giving too much away, they’re good. Bloody good. Join us on July the 16th for a rounded evening of cycling consideration and celebration.

Please get in touch if you’d like a ticket for ‘Cardiff and the Cycle Boom’ an evening with Carlton Reid at Future Inns, Cardiff. You can contact Simon on Twitter @simoncon



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