Object of desire

Viewers of Top Gar look away know. I’m not sure you’ll get this post. There won’t be many who share my desire for one of these machines. The lines are not sleek, the equipment not light and there’s not a hint of va, va, voom, in sight. This machine is not specifically designed for comfort and especially not for speed, but it’ll haul your groceries from one side of this fair city to the other in less time than your car takes to crawl through congested roads and the fug of city pollution.

But why this bike? Why now? It might be that I’m a bit too injured to yearn for the exotica of svelte carbon rocket technology. It might be that I’m tired of the mud and gloop that defines my normal cycling activities. But I don’t think so. The paragraph above focuses on what this bike is not. Now let’s take a look at what this bike is.

This bike is liberation from the car for the dash to the shops. This bike is long haul touring in-extremis. This bike is for carrying a child to the park and a mate from the pub (providing neither exceed 90kg). This bike is practicality writ large, chucking fitness in for free. If ever you’ve carried a large load, this bike is designed for you (and particularly for me). Time to start saving……. Again.

The Surly Big Dummy is currently for sale at a fraction of the purchase cost of an estate care (£1593 from Charlie the Bikemonger). It’s one of a whole number of equally capable bikes. Bike art by me.


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  1. Hi Simon, Hope the recovery is going well. Utility, it comes to us all. Just as in the motor world there are cycles for leisure and work. There is a great satisfaction in hauling home the bacon, man and machine working in a different harmony. The challenges and outings get bigger and more…first it was a jaunt to tesco and now that flat pack wardrobe from Ikea will fit ! The world of utility is as big as the world of sport- enjoy. Regards Loz

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