Yes, love.
Did you know some of the kids come to school in the car?
Yes, love.
Yes, love?
Did you know some of them only live around the corner?
<deep breath>

….and so ensued a conversation that engaged us for the remaining half a mile walk to the school. No love, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Yes love, I think it’s better to make your own way, get some exercise, cut down costs, pump out less pollution. Yes love, it’s better for children. No love, I don’t understand why they do it, I’m sure they have their reasons.

I explained that in my view walking, bikes, cars, buses, trains; they are all tools to be used for a purpose at the appropriate time. For short distances, the bike and walking. For longer distances buses and trains. For awkward journeys, the car. Sometimes the better option is to combine, and that’s why mum and I have folding bikes. 

She got it. She really did. This conversation took place on her sports day, where she both enjoyed and acquitted herself well, in part due to a reasonable amount of latent fitness. And how did she get that? By taking the quick and easy fitness benefits of getting there under your steam (no need for boot camps, wonder diets – doesn’t apply to a child of course – or spin classes). When we cease to see the car as the default option, a world of opportunity and benefit opens up.

Now if we can get an 8 year old to understand that……

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