So this is summer

So this  is summer. As I type, I can see bumblebees hover and flit across the purple heather that bob in the breeze outside my office window. Traffic has eased, motorists exchanging combustion and fumes for two wheels and the gentle click-clack of freewheels. 


Last night I looked up and shielded my eyes from the glare of the sun as cycle commuters buzzed by. I was walking, still too injured to ride. I’d choose to travel differently, but no matter; I could feel the warmth and the freedom all the same.

This morning my wife rolled her commuter across the pebble path, then sat on a patio chair admiring the weather, contemplating the day. There is less stress in hopping on a saddle. Without the staccato race in built up traffic, there is more time to just….be. 

I’m an autumn cyclist myself, spring at a push. Captivated by cold winds, billowing trees and weak golden sun. But if ever a season attracts and seduces potential cyclists it has to be summer. Go and enjoy it. Embrace it while it lasts.


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