Cardiff and the cycle boom – an evening with Carlton Reid

Well I’m quite excited about this…….

On Thursday the 16th July, a day when the main challengers for the Tour De France will be battling upwards toward the Plateau de Beille, OdoniElwell and Future Inns Cardiff will be co-hosting ‘Cardiff and the cycle boom’. The event will contain short presentations from local organisations such as Cardiff Cycle City and Pedal power,  building toward the keynote presentation from Carlton Reid, BikeBiz editor and best selling author of ‘Roads were not built for cars’. Carlton will be talking about the history of cycling up to and including the present bike boom; the topic of his forthcoming book. I’ll be chairing the evening, providing the link between the various speakers. 

Thoughts on how to make the boom ‘boomier’? How to harness Cardiff’s advantageous orientation for better cycling? Perhaps ideas about how business and cycling can work together? You’ll get an opportunity to ask questions and address comments to Carlton during a Q&A session at the end.

Representatives from Welsh Cycling, Cynnal Cymru and leading figures from the cycling and political spheres have already confirmed attendance.  During the afternoon, Future Inns will be showing the Tour in the bar area, whilst the event starts ‘proper’ at 5pm, concluding around 8pm approx. The event is free, but charity donations -with proceeds going to Pedal power – will be encouraged.

If you’d like a ticket for the evening, act swift! Numbers are limited and interest is high. We hope to meet you there.

Top image – “Who needs car parks?” By me 😊

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  1. I’d like a ticket please……………or is it enough just to log my name and check me in on the day? Thanks.

    • Sorry Robert. This is a personal blog and I don’t work 24/7, so I respond when I’m not involved in family/work/sporting activities. I’ve added your name to the list.

  2. I’m already down I think (@vickiewoodsford) but can I have one for @lindostephens too please? Thanking you 😊😊

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