The power of the hour 

Never underestimate the power of a role model.

On Sunday I was sat at a friend’s house watching Wiggins’ successful hour attempt. There were two kids present, Aled aged 8, a keen little rider, member of JIFkids and a mountain biker/trials rider in the making, and Angharad aged 9, a talented karate practioner and very, very occasional cyclist. Aled barely moved, this small bundle of energy transfixed by the footage of a man going around in circles at what appears to be a benign uniform pace. Angharad meanwhile, punctuated the TV commentary with regular questions about speed, number of laps and whether or not Wiggins was on course to better Dowsett’s 52.937km set in May.

When Wiggins eventually finished, recording 54.526km and lofted his Pinarello track bike high above his head, Angharad looked up and with a steely glint in her eye, addressed the room.

“It makes me want to cycle”.

No-one doubted her for a second.

Never, ever, underestimate the power of a role model and never forgot your potential to provide that inspiration on a daily basis. For whilst we may not all be record breaking, Tour De France winning, Olympic gold medallists, we can all inspire our kids to get outside, hop on a bike and enjoy the advantages and possibilities that two wheels open up.

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