Whoops. Who put that there?

The MTB level 2 course is fantastic and thoroughly recommended for prospective coaches. Or at least Day 1 is. Can’t speak for day 2 yet. After the course had concluded and we were enjoying  a brief ride out of the Forest of Dean I came a bit of a cropper. Entering the boulder garden, I picked up speed a little, hit something sharp, had an impact puncture and……splat. My arm found an altogether different line than the rest of my body. Its always been a bit contrary that one.

After a 40 minute rattle in a Gloucestershire ambulance and a lot of attention from the fine medical staff at the Royal Gwent, the injury list was finalised:

“Well….we’ve had a look at your x-rays Simon. You’ve fractured and dislocated your shoulder, split the humerus along it’s length, fractured and dislocated your finger and you have an impressive gash on your calf. How did you do it again?…..”

Suffice to say I’ve been in neither the condition, nor frame of mind to rattle off blog posts, hence the radio silence emanating from these pages.  One week down the line and I’m finding it a bit more comfortable than those first few days. Incidentally, the injury list has since grown. It turns out that the shoulder socket is fractured too. I’ve never seen the point in anything less than a proper job. 😊

Anyway…..I’m catching up on my reading, making long lists of future plans and thanking the many family, friends and well wishers that have been in touch over the past week. I’m a lucky man to have them.

One final footnote about the medical treatment I received. Much has been said and written about the state of the health service in Wales, often by distant observers or ill informed commentators. The treatment I received in the Royal Gwent was nothing short of outstanding. I was operated on within 6 hours of the accident and treated with respect , humility and compassion. The NHS may come with some rough edges and undeniable funding issues but the staff are shining beacons of benevolence.

With thanks to the Gloucestershire ambulance service, the trauma team at the Royal Gwent, my level headed BC coaching companions and Mrs N for being lovely.

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  1. Saw a few tweets but only just read the full extent of the damage. Ouch!

    Any consolation that fit people are supposed to heal more quickly?

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