Reasons to cycle #27 – Reduced parking worries


Crash, bang, wallop. Oops! Sorry. Seemed to nudge your bike there. “Don’t worry” you say? Nice to hear it. Very refreshing and all that. Yes, you’re right, I know. Pointless being precious about the old commuter. Not like one of those expensive motorised thingies is it? Wouldn’t want to damage one of those. All that strife. All that wrangling. All that massive expense for the lightest of touches,never mind the lack of obvious damage. I know. Very sensitive thouse big metal, armoured, hulks. Cost an arm and a leg yet nudge ’em and you’re stumping up thousands.

Love the fact that you can park your bike relatively free of the hassles of bumping up against another? Me too. Not like this little episode below. I bet one of the owners wasn’t happy.

Images: Bristol Temple Meads station and a Busy Cardiff Street.

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