Its no tall tale: Riding the high flyer

It’ll come as no great interest to anyone really, but just for a break with tradition, I’m reading the latest copy of Boneshaker cover to cover, just like a book. You see normally, I like to dip in and out, approaching the magazine all sort of higgedly-piggedly, letting serendipity guide my hand and making discoveries along the way. The only problem with this technique is missing the odd article. Anyway….Being most of the way through the issue now, I’m struck by the very international feel, with tales from all corners of  the globe. But my favourite – by some stretch – is an article about tall bikes. Uber tall bikes.

Without giving away any spoilers – you can order your copy from the fine Boneshaker chaps – here is a video that gives you a just a wee taster of what the article is all about. Aside from  a huge helping of awe and a small dab of vertigo, I’ve also managed to answer a few questions with this footage: Just how do you get on a tall bike? (With a little help from your friends) What happens at junctions? (shout a lot) What about low bridges? (duck) and just how do you get off? (find a very long pole on top of a very long pier). One day……

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