Father Christmas doesn’t do drops.


I had a wonderful conversation with my daughter this morning on the school run. A conversation not coloured by driving tension or motoring distractions. A conversation I’m convinced, that can only happen on the bike.


Yes love.

I saw a girl yesterday with a red Isla bike and red handlebars just like me.

Did you?

Yes. Matthew’s got drop handlebars too. He had them for Christmas.

Yes, I remember.

I don’t think he had them from Father Christmas though. I think Andy got them.

Why’s that?

I don’t think Father Christmas can do the bar tape.


Absolutely priceless.

This is why I love taking my daughter to school by bike, being involved in kids coaching and promoting kids cycling. It’s such a journey of discovery and imagination. Its wonderful  seeing the dots being joined – bar tape is tricky, Father Christmas is too busy delivering, therefore Andy must have done it (he didn’t, Matthew had assistance from Craig, who actually did Evelyn’s) – fascinating to watch skills develop, confidence grow and rewarding  to spend real quality time with them. When we finally get away from work, we’re all much too busy taking phone calls, answering emails, responding to social media and catching up on chores, to notice the little things, the more important things and to be there when it matters most. Cycling affords that. Beyond that, I also feel it is a parental responsibility to give our kids the best opportunity to be fit, healthy,  savvy on the bike and confident to cycle for both recreation and transport. Learned behaviour today, will be normative tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve tried teaching Santa the art of bar taping but alas it’s one skill that’s beyond him. Santa’s sticking to what he know best. He now farms it out to me at Xmas, no pay but a great Elve uniform & a go in the sledge. It’s worth it.

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